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Since 1979 B & L Engineering, Inc. has grown to be known for its outstanding job performance and commitment to customer satisfaction. B & L provides all the services of a machine shop, weld/fabrication shop, and full service rigging company. We move, install, level, and align all types of complex machinery, equipment, and conveyors with an expertise in printing equipment. B & L also offers rental services of specialized equipment, warehousing, and crane and trucking services. B & L Engineering is the 'Go To' company for whatever your needs are. We are willing to try almost anything and are constantly learning new skills and traits to satisfy yet more customers.

B & L Engineering is committed to providing service and support for industrial companies to help them become and then remain strong and profitable. We have the experience, equipment, and personnel to make your next job a success.
Let us know what we can do to help get your projects done safely, on time, and within budget.

Worldwide Experience

The world

B & L has worldwide experience in many different countries as well as all over the continental United States, from New York to Los Angeles.